The sun shines differently here. The nights are longer, the drinks more enjoyable. And then there is love in Bodrum … You have to experience it to truly understand the attraction of Bodrum.
Bodrum is an inviting, colorful crowd full of surprises, sometimes a humble wiseacre and a loose wise man, sometimes it is an alone crazy, it is freedom, love!
Bodrum town is a famous resort place, both among Turkish and foreign travelers. The heart of Bodrum beats loudest in the narrow streets clustered around the bay where shops, restaurants, bars and discos via for attention. Strolling along the most popular of the streets, Cumhuriyet Caddesi (the locals call it Bars street) the visitor becomes immersed in a blend of native and cosmopolitan culture that is Bodrum today.


  • Horse-riding and river-rafting can be done just a little distance from Bodrum. For those who like to be really adventurous, there are Jet skis or you might even fancy Parasailing. Jeep-Safaris are offered by many companies now.
  • Aqua parks: Just recently two Aqua parks have been opened. One is the Dedeman Aqua park on the road to Ortakent and another is next to the TMT Hotel, direct on the sea side.
  • Blue Cruises - Countless excursion boats are moored along Neyzen Tevfik Caddesi; a “blue cruise” on board one of these is a fun day trip. Like the ferry companies, some even access peninsula bays, saving you a sweaty minibus ride.
  • Take a daytrip out of Bodrum to ome of the region's big-ticket sights, like Ephesus and Pamukkale.
  • Pamper yourself pretty with a 1.5-hour Turkish baths experience at a Bodrum hammam! 


  • Doner - grilled lamb, chicken or beef sliced and sandwiched in 1/4 or 1/2 loaf of bread
  • Turkish pizza – pide; lahmajun
  • Turkish pancake – gozleme
  • Smoked eggplant mixed with yogurt - kopoglu mezesi
  • Ayran – mix of yoghurt with cold water and salt. Drink that goes perfectly with all above food


  • Turkish carpets – kilim.
  • Sandals - Hand made in Bodrum. Skilled artisans can make you a pair of snugly fitting leather sandals in the traditional Aegean style.
  • The Boncuk - the Little Magic Stone that protects one from the *Evil Eye*, you will see this blue glass piece everywhere here in this area.
  •  Textiles and leather Products of the natural raw materials leather and cotton are traditionally sold in the shops of Turkey. Cotton is cultivated everywhere in Turkey, so that Turkey is in fact third biggest producer of cotton in the world.
  • Turkish delights - Lokum is a family of confections based on a gel of starch and sugar. Premium varieties consist largely of chopped dates, pistachios, and hazelnuts or walnuts bound by the gel; traditional varieties are mostly gel, generally flavored with rosewater, mastic, Bergamot orange, or lemon. The confection is often packaged and eaten in small cubes dusted withicing sugar, copra, or powdered cream of tartar, to prevent clinging.


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