Barcelona sited between the sea and the mountains, has found a formidable balance: a foot in the traditional things and the other in the avant-garde. Barcelona has the reputation of being the most cosmopolitan, modern and avant-garde city in Spain and it has renewed for the 1992 Olympic Games.
Barcelona is an unforgettable city of art, culture and beauty. Gaudi's works, museums, concerts and FC Barcelona’s football team homeland.
Walk along the Ramblas to enjoy street musicians, living statues, hustlers and just plain loonies. Hop onto the Tramvia Blau for a tram trip up to the top of Tibidabo and take in the magnificent sights of the city below you. Shop along the Passeig de Gracia, at the most well-known boutiques in Barcelona.



Visit  La Sagrada Familia, the symbol of Barcelona


Take a peaceful walk on Las Ramblas and Paseo de Gracia, where you will find street artists, terraces, shops, restaurants 


Visit Ancient Barcelona – Barrio Gótico, the Gothic Square


For those who visit Barcelona attractions but cannot continue visiting the rest of Spain, we recommend you to visit El Pueblo Español - the Spanish People, an area built for Expo 1929 which shows some monuments and sites that most characterize Spain. 


The Barcelona Cathedral the most spectacular place which is in the list of “must see” place of Barcelona






















  • Pa amb tomàquet - toasted bread with tomato rubbed over and seasoned with olive oil and salt.
  • Fideua - a noodle dish with a similar recipe to paella, usually made with seafood and fish, and optionally served with aioli sauce (garlic and olive oil sauce).
  • Tumbet - a traditional vegetable dish from Mallorca. Tumbet combines layers of sliced potatoes, aubergines and red bell peppers previously fried in olive oil.
  • Seafood specialties include "La zarzuela", consisting of a mixture of halibut, monkfish, prawns, squid, and mussels. There is a version of this delicious dish called "La opera", that contains lobster instead of prawns.
  • And to finish you meal with yummy dessert ask waiter to bring you Crema catalane - a dessert consisting of a rich custard base topped with a layer of hard caramel, created by caramelizing sugar under a broiler, with a blowtorch or other intense heat source, or by pouring cooked caramel on top of the custard. It is usually served cold in individual ramekins.






















  • Spanish fan
  • Flamenco CD.
  • Art works of Gaudi.
  • Bota - Leather Wine Bottle.
  • Special Spanish paprika.






















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