Enjoy a tour around Aphrodite’s Cyprus. The Mediterranean island at the crossroads of three continents, where there’s always a new world to discover. Where East meets West and a new experience awaits for you under the sun every day. Where Championship Golf courses, inviting beaches, and breathtaking mountain trails lie around luxurious hotels. Once you’ve been to Cyprus, it’s easy to see why you’ll come back again.
Winds over the island are relatively variable in direction and strength depending on the elevation of the land and local temperatures


  • Explore Paphos, the vibrant Cyprus coastal town, at leisure on a must-do hop-on hop-off bus tour.
  • Visit Tombs of the Kings.
  • Baths of Aphrodite. Today, the natural beauty of the untouched countryside is as much an attraction as the grotto.
  • Explore Nicosia. The walled city of Nicosia is a mix of old and new. Visit the Old Town full of quaint tavernas housed in Venetian mansions. Top attractions include the Archbishop's Palace, the spectacular Byzantine Art Museum, St John's Cathedral with beautiful frescos, the House of Hadjigeorgiakis Kornesios and the Ömeriye Mosque.
  • A visit to the Cyprus Museum with its magnificent collection of archaeological treasures dating back to Neolithic times is a must.


  • Kelftiko (slow-cooked lamb with herbs).
  • Fresh seafood such as tsipoura (seabream), lavraki (seabass) and garides (prawns).
  • Stifado (a casserole of beef or hare cooked with wine, vinegar, onion and spices).
  • Soumada - Sweet syrups and spreads made from almonds.


  • Lefkara lace - traditional type of lace is unique patterned and definitely worth to be on your shopping list.
  • Handicrafts – ceramics, basketry, weaving, wood carving, silver and copper products all represent the souvenirs from Cyprus
  • Halloumi - traditional goat’s cheese which is excellent in salads and delicious when fried or grilled
  • The sweet fruit jellies-loukoumia-are the Cypriot version of the Turkish delight
  • Local spirits such as zivania (raki in the North), brandy or Commandaria liqueur wine and other better-quality Cypriot wines are also good purchases


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