United Arab Emirates

The Lost Chambers – Atlantis Aquarium Dubai

3 hours

The Lost Chambers – Atlantis Aquarium Dubai

Do you want to feel as a hero from Ancient Fable? Located at Atlantis the Palm hotel in Dubai, The Lost Chambers is a splendid aquarium with over 50,000 fish and 200 species. Visitors stroll through a network of darks halls and passageways. The attraction is connected with the legend of the Atlantis; the lost islands became famous because of Greek philosopher Plato.


  • up to 65,000 marine species
  • delicate seahorses and stunning jellyfish
  • the world’s largest freshwater fish from the arapaima of the Amazon region
  • the ruins of the "Lost City of Atlantis"
  • the Ambassador Lagoon in Poseidon’s Court 
  • take the plunge and dive amongst the ruins of Atlantis
  • exclusive information from the on-hand marine experts
  • 20 spectacular chambers and marine exhibits 
  • the interactive aqua theatre shows
  • guided tours
  • marine life touch tank


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