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About us

ATLANTIS HOLIDAYS & WELLNESS is an exclusive leisure and incentive development and management company that partners with you to realize your dream leisure and incentive plans.
Since its inception in 2000, ATLANTIS HOLIDAYS & WELLNESS has exclusively focused on partnering with companies and individuals that want to experience something different, a new beginning, a road less traveled, to pioneer in setting new and future leisure and Incentive trends, and true to our slogan, we remained committed to our ideals by partnering and serving corporate and individuals who share our philosophy and ambition to re-discover the true meaning of adventure. You can trust us with our experience, expertise and flexibility with your needs. We make research for you and present new ideas to our partners, the courage to trek the unbitten path and deliver exotic products and services that raises our partners experience to new dimensions. Your security and safety is of paramount importance to us and will do everything possible to make sure you maintain your situation awareness at any destination abroad.

Whenever you want to be happy, you always are open for travelling. Sometimes travel to another country, sometimes just to the bottom of your heart. Whatever destination you choose the philosophy of ATLANTIS HOLIDAYS & WELLNESS is to help you to find yourself.

* Wondering to feel fresh breeze of the Indian ocean or to smell delicious spices? Welcome to India.
* Dreaming to stay in your own, forget about hustle and bustle and meditate in peace? Bali and Thailand are waiting for you.
* Bored from your routine and want to experience the best places for thrilling challenges? Dubai, Las Vegas, London – the cities that never sleep – are always ready to amaze you with their advanced achievements and inventions.
* Have romantic mood and open to new friends? Paris, Venice, Prague will offer you so many majestic and festive spots.
* Feeling historical curiosity to genuine cultures? Visit Brazil, Mexico, Japan and South Korea.
* Check your adventure spirit in lifetime journey discovering Antarctica and Patagonia.

Any place you choose we are always with you to make you happy and shining! Don’t hesitate to start your new life experience.

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