United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi Emirates Park Zoo

5 hours

Abu Dhabi Emirates Park Zoo

The Emirates Park Zoo was opened in 2008, and since then became one of the most visited and popular places in Abu Dhabi. It is the house for more than 1700 animals, including lions, wild cats, zebras, reptiles, birds of prey, tigers, leopards. Some of the animal areas include Wildlife Walk, Primate Parade, Petting Zoo, and Reptile House. At the same time the Emirates Park Zoo is not just a place where you can only see the different animals. There are also a wide range of different attractions. And of the most pleasant ant touching enjoyment: you also get the chance to feed the animals and birds like giraffe, goats, monkeys, ducks, elephants, parrots.


  • Wide Range of exotic Animals and Birds
  • Wildlife Walk
  • Primate Parade
  • Reptile House
  • Petting Zoo
  • Bird Park
  • Snake Alley
  • Giraffe Park
  • Flamingo Park
  • Zoo Zip & Climb
  • Fun Games
  • Interaction Sessions
  • Drummer& Magician
  • Kipper’s Talk
  • Animals and Birds Feeding
  • Breakfast with parrots
  • Breakfast with Giraffe
  • Big Cat Brunch
  • Dinner with Elephants
  • Abu Dhabi Summer Pass


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