United Arab Emirates

Dubai Miracle Garden

3 hours

Dubai Miracle Garden

Experience the floral paradise of Dubai Miracle Garden, stretching 72000 square meters of fabulous landscape. Opened in 2013 as an effort to create a green haven in the middle of the desert, this garden has since then become one of Dubai’s most visited attractions, attracting millions of visitors per year. The garden is also famous by Guinness Book of World Records for the largest in the world marvelous wall of flowers. You can also visit to the nearby Butterfly Garden, which presents nine domes occupied by over 10,000 live species of butterflies.

  • The world's largest natural flower garden
  • Marvel at the worlds' largest floral Emirates
  • The largest Emirates A380 airbus
  • Admire the Disney floral display
  • Explore the mesmerizing Floral Clock
  • Visit the newest attraction the Floating Lady
  • Mikey Mouse, Mini Mouse, and their friends
  • Enjoy walking around the magical floral garden
  • The sweet aroma of over 150 million flowers in full bloom
  • Fantastic Butterfly Garden


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