United Arab Emirates

Sky Glass Slide & Sky Edge walk Dubai: Sky Views Observations in Downtown

2 hours

A breathtaking panoramic city viewpoint gracing Dubai’s skyline with two shining towers conjoined at the summit by an architecturally marvelous Sky Bridge, in the center of Downtown Dubai. Address Sky View hotel in Downtown gives you this amazing possibility not only to enjoy fantastic view but get three adrenaline-pumping experiences.


  • A breathtaking angle for Dubai view 
  • A perfect place for your Instagram photos at 219.5 meters 
  • the famous Sky Glass Slide takes you down from 53rd floor to 52nd
  • Completely transparent slide is full of joy and fun
  • One of the first of that kind of Sky View Observation in the Middle East
  • Totally transparent slide
  • A 25m long glass Sky Edge walk that connects the towers of this twin hotel
  • The ultimate experience, safely and securely


Key Details