Exclusive Ananda Rebalance Program

7 days

Exclusive Ananda Rebalance Program

Ananda’s signature comprehensive wellness programs are immersive to achieve transformative results. These programs are more intense with higher number of therapies each day combined with several personal sessions of yoga, meditation, and fitness, depending on the specific goals of the program. These programs include continuous wellness consultations with experts through the duration to guide and monitor progress with strong emphasis on personalized diet plans specific to each program and wellness goal.

Ananda Rebalance Program

The Ananda Rebalance program applies traditional oriental therapies to address hormonal balance, specifically for menopause in women and also to address changes in testosterone and other hormones in men. This healing approach focusses on the blockage of energy flowing through the fourteen meridians. Intensive therapies are then used to balance its flow, relieve pain, improve energy flow, and vitalize systems intrinsically.


Menopause refers to the period of time when a woman's hormone levels start to change. The transition phase before menopause is often referred to as Perimenopause. During this transition and well into the onset of menopause, the production of estrogen and progesterone decreases. It is the big drop in estrogen levels that causes most of the symptoms of menopause.

Acupuncture as an alternate treatment methodology

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) though used widely to address Menopause has several side effects. Studies using Acupuncture have shown that Vasomotor symptoms (VMS), which include hot flashes and night sweats and other menopause symptoms), declined significantly.

Who is this program for: Overall for those experiencing hormonal changes and imbalances. Specially for women experiencing perimenopause, and menopause related issues.


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