United Arab Emirates

Jebel Jais Flight Ras Al Khaimah

2 hours

Jebel Jais Flight Ras Al Khaimah

When you have the overwhelming desire to feel as a superhero, welcome to experience Jebel Jais Flight in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. It is the longest Zipline in the world. Take flight across rough mountain summits and dive through cavernous ravines and canyons at breath-taking speeds of up to 160 kmph. Three minutes of adrenaline-pumping challenge at 1680 metres above the Arabian Gulf will give you this amazing feeling of satisfaction: Yes! I did it!


  • The longest zip line adventure certified by Guinness World Records
  • The most exciting flying experience
  • The highest standards of excellence and safety
  • 1680 metres above sea level
  • Knee-trembling speeds of between 120 kmph and 160 kmph
  • 2.83 km length
  • Three hair-raising minutes
  • Professionally trained team
  • The right fitted over-suit
  • Superhero-style horizontal harness
  • he parking facilities
  • The shuttle service
  • Photo and video services
  • Gift Shop
  • Cafe


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