United Arab Emirates

Lunch in Chedi Al Bait Restaurant in Sharjah

2 hours

Lunch in Chedi Al Bait Restaurant in Sharjah

The Chedi Al Bait Hotel Restaurant in the Emirate of Sharjah offers you amazing historical location, picturesque views, exclusive luxury cuisine and service. East meets the Middle East, and the best of the West in The Restaurant where classic Emirati design details complete the chic, understated dining room. Choose from a veritable world of flavours in the lunch menu. Tables are set indoors and out, in the charming open-air courtyard, perfect for sampling the finest selection of contemporary, freshly made to your order and served alongside homemade baked pastries.


  • Emirati hospitality
  • Attentive but never invasive customer service
  • Unique atmosphere
  • Emirati interiors
  • culinary mastery
  • international cuisines (from sweet camel milk ice cream and Turkish coffee to savoury Japanese sushi)
  • the best quality food products
  • seasonal dining offers
  • Royal Tajine
  • Flavours of Arabia “Business Lunch”
  • Cooking Class in Style
  • Afternoon Tea: Café Tray
  • Cake Delivery


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