Magic Feminine Retreat / 10-17 February 2023 / 8 days

8 days

Magic Feminine Retreat / 10-17 February 2023 / 8 days

Exploring the Feminine Psyche. Empowering the Matriarchal Spirit. Composed by an award-winning master coach and wellness leader - directed and presented by a female-centric team! A place where women can meet and share together with a tribe of impassioned and evolving souls. The retreat will provide a safe space to explore deep biopsychosocial needs, and empower the mind, body and spirit with the knowledge and skills to live a more resilient, accomplished and masterful life. The aim is to escape, revive and build expansively, with supportive and educational programs. Expert practitioners will help guide the experience. While shared wisdom and life-stories with fellow attendees will add enormous value to the range of programs offered in the retreat. Specific recognition will be given to hormonal issues, including PMS, PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder), and menopause. Numbers are limited ~ early sign-up recommended!


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