United Arab Emirates

Qasr Al Watan Palace in Abu Dhabi

1 hour

Qasr Al Watan Palace in Abu Dhabi

Visit one of the greatest samples of Arabian architecture and craftsmanship. Explore the picturesque Qasr Al Watan Palace in Abu Dhabi, an incredible landmark, and marvel at the majestic hallways with their precious and impressive designs. Visit the Qasr Al Watan Library, which has books on diverse topics including archeology, history, heritage, memoirs, biographies, human and social sciences, statistics, administration, culture, literature, arts and find the shopping options inside of the Palace. Take a stroll to this fabulous Palace trough the gardens and enjoy its lavish green surroundings.


  • A cultural landmark in Abu Dhabi
  • Architectural brilliance
  • A testimony of Arabian craftsmanship.
  • The Qasr Al Watan Library
  • Light and sound show
  • Marvel at the lush green gardens 


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