SHA Wellness Clinic, Alicante, Spain

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SHA Wellness Clinic, Alicante, Spain

SHA Wellness Clinic is a luxurious spa complex overlooking the Costa Blanca coastline. It offers a wide range of treatments and facilities based on the SHA method, which integrates natural therapies, therapeutic nutrition and preventive medicine. The coordinated use strengthens the positive impact. SHA Wellness Clinic is a life-transforming experience, in which guests begin to understand health not just as the absence of disease, but as an optimal state of physical, mental and spiritual well-being in harmony with the environment. SHA SPAIN is in one of the finest locations of the Mediterranean, enjoying a privileged climate with 330 sunny days a year. Facing the charming village of Altea, between the cities of Alicante and Valencia, it is integrated into a land and maritime natural park home to one of the main ornithological reserves in Europe.


  • World Leader Wellness Clinic
  • More than 6.000 sq m of wellness area
  • A healthy, energetic, mainly alkaline, and very balanced diet
  • Caring Health Therapies
  • Wide range of facilities
  • 93 luxury suites from 70 to 320 sq m
  • 11 private residences from 300 to 500 sq m
  • Fitness area
  • Yoga and Pilates studios
  • SHAmadi Restaurant
  • Infinity pool


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