Wellness in Clinic La Prairie Switzerland

5 days

Wellness in Clinic La Prairie Switzerland

Founded in 1931 by Professor Niehans, a pioneer in longevity, Clinique La Prairie offers week-long health, regeneration and wellness programs based on a unique holistic approach. With 90 years of expertise, more than 50 doctors, 30 wellbeing specialists and state-of-the-art equipment, Clinique La Prairie is the most prestigious destination for stays that provide the key to a healthier, more intense and longer life.

*Ultimate results-driven wellness experiences in the world’s most award-wining clinic
*90 years of science, innovation, and research in longevity
*A unique holistic approach, paired with proprietary genetics and epigenetics
*An unrivalled assembly of experts - over 50 leading medical specialists
*38 rooms and suites refinely decorated, ensuring a privileged and exclusive stay


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