Winter in Kyrgyzstan / 5 days

5 days

Winter in Kyrgyzstan / 5 days

Experience this unforgettable Winter tour to Kyrgyzstan and you will come back to get more that kind of adventures. You will know the capital of Kyrgyzstan - one of the main and largest cities in Central Asia. Chon-Kemin valley National Park will amaze you with the unique natural environment, multiple flora and fauna including that features beautiful landscapes, from semi-deserts to glaciers. Visit the Burana Tower that was built in 11th century and is a unique minaret. Kegety Gorge differs from other gorges on the Kyrgyz ridge because of its unusual width and spaciousness. It has a very interesting relief and a lot of beautiful places to see. Visit Ala-Archa National Park - one the most picturesque sights of Bishkek surroundings.


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