Kyrgyzstan is a crucially peaceful place where you can enjoy the ideal harmony between remoteness, genuineness and unusual tourist experiences. Discovering nomadic culture and lifestyle with your eyes is one of the reasons to visit Kyrgyzstan. These welcoming people will invite you to their yurts for enjoying the food with them and even maybe to stay for 1 day with them and also to watch out. If you want really new experience in your life, you even can take part in their daily routine, such as milking the cows or making butter. Another reason to visit this amazing country is the view of marvelous landscapes in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan. You will get pleasure seeing picturesque lakes and magnificent green hills, 7,000-meter high snowy tops and wide valleys with numerous wildflowers. It’s really unforgettable experience!
Experience this unforgettable Winter tour and you will come back to get more that kind of adventures. The capital of Kyrgyzstan – Bishkek is one of the largest cities in Central Asia. Chon-Kemin valley National Park will amaze you with the unique natural environment, multipe flora and fauna including that features beautiful landscapes, from semi-deserts to glaciers. The Burana Tower is a unique minaret and will surprise its ancient fairy view as it was built in 11th century. Kegety Gorge will amaze you being the widest and the largest gorges in Kyrgyzstan with a very unusual relief and a lot of amazing places to visit. Spend fabulous time Ala-Archa National Park - one the most delightful places of Bishkek surroundings.