Exclusive Ananda Active Fitness Program

5 days

Exclusive Ananda Active Fitness Program

Ananda’s signature comprehensive wellness programs are immersive to achieve transformative results. These programs are more intense with higher number of therapies each day combined with several personal sessions of yoga, meditation, and fitness, depending on the specific goals of the program. These programs include continuous wellness consultations with experts through the duration to guide and monitor progress with strong emphasis on personalized diet plans specific to each program and wellness goal.

Ananda Active Fitness Program

The Active Fitness Program focusses on enhancing fitness and muscle tone by integrating Vyayama, the age-old Indian ritual for movement and breath integrated with contemporary fitness training techniques. Carefully guided at each step by Ayurvedic Physicians, Physical fitness trainers, and Holistic Physiotherapists, each individual’s unique body-mind constitution, or dosha is adapted to a holistic fitness regime to achieve a toned, powerful and agile body. The Active-Fitness program is a one-of-a-kind blend of personal fitness sessions, Ayurvedic therapeutic treatments, customized diets, yoga, aqua fitness, and hikes to the Himalayan foothills.

Vyayama helps in maintaining the balance between the three circulatory forces or Doshas. Vyayama stimulates Agni - the metabolic capacity and enhances Ojas – the capacity to resist diseases or stress. Ayurveda grades exercise based on energy consumption, or the cardiovascular and respiratory system’s response during and after physical activity. Hence Ayurveda recommends performing physical activities within range of specific symptoms aligned to the dosha. Knowing an individual’s dosha (unique bio-energetic forces that influence the body and mind) and a well-rounded understanding of the guest’s acquired muscular-skeletal structure allows the team of Ananda’ experts and physicians design a customised approach to Active-Fitness. The initial and critical phase of this programme gently coaxes the body to follow a dinacharya (daily circadian cycle), postural analysis, re-constructs structural imbalances with holistic physiotherapists and imbibes a diet therapy to avoid inflammatory conditions while building strength.

Active training each day comprises individual sessions (fitness sessions, outdoor boot camps and outdoor trail workout sessions) and scheduled group sessions (core strengthening, mobility, foam rolling and stretching etc.) Rehabilitation through personal training sessions will be provided for any chronic injuries. Aqua fitness, stretching and yoga, and treks to the Himalayan foothills are include in the range of experiences. Nutrition consultation and refining the diet therapy that support focused strengthening activity are key aspects in Phase II.

Who is this program for: Those keen to learn a holistic approach to Active-fitness and looking to enhance cardiovascular fitness, improving blood circulation and range of motion of the joints, addressing neuromuscular problems, developing muscle tone, strength and elasticity, improving blood circulation, reducing water retention, and improving lymphatic stimulation.


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